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Ay-up from The Yorkshire part 1

The Yorkshire dialect is certainly a unique one.

And it’s instantly recognisable from the moment you meet a Yorkie. Ever seen Emmerdale on’t telly? That’s our lingo right there – and we’re proud of it. But every now and then, we find it can leave some of our non-native guests a little bit flummoxed.

So with this in mind, we decided to put together our top 5 phrases, to make sure you get through your stay here at The Yorkshire without any language barriers.



‘Ay-up’ is easy, it generally means a simple hello. But you might also find us using it as a way of getting someone’s attention. Say for example you’ve a hankering for some Yorkshire Tea (the only tea!), but can’t really see yourself getting up from the couch to make it – you might say: “Ay-up Jim, will you make us a brew?”


FYI: Yorkshire Tea has featured on Friends episodes on several occasions.

Chuntering a bucket full

Nobody likes someone who spends their days chuntering a bucket full. It’s all about the positive vibes here in Yorkshire, and moaning a lot will not be tolerated.

“Ee by gum, that Mavis has been chuntering a bucket full since she stubbed ‘er toe.”

“In’t no need for that, it’ll be reyt.”

It’ll be reyt

Spilled a brew? It’ll be reyt. Found yourself with a flat tyre? It’ll be reyt. Leg fallen off? It’ll be reyt.

It means ‘it’ll be alright’, but sometimes we say it about things that will categorically never be ‘reyt’.


Nah then

Confusingly enough, ‘ay-up’ is not a Yorkie’s only hello greeting. You might find we replace it with ‘nah then’. So if you see a cheery face and hear a “Nah then, ow do?”, obviously it means “Hi there, how are you?”


Surely you’ve heard “crack”. If you’ve not already, you’re about to get plenty, as we Yorkie’s love a good chat. Or crack as the case may be, so come and say ay-up and stay tuned for more Yorkshire lingo soon…