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Ay-up from The Yorkshire part 2

It’s time for part two of our Yorkshire phrase book…

We found that our top five phrases just didn’t cut the mustard. We still found ourselves chatting away to guests with lost and vacant expressions, so here are another five sayings that are sure to keep you reyt.


It’s the end of the night and you’re propping up the Hg1 bar while we wind down for clean-up. You spot us letting out a little yawn while stating: “By ‘eck Simon, tell you summat – I’m jiggered!” You guessed it, it means tired.


Nope, we’ve not misspelled the mountain’s summit. This is how us Yorkie’s say “something”.

“Want to know summat, that Mavis is a reyt moan.”

Put wood in’t ole

There are many phrases for this one – close the door, pull the door to; were you born on a barn?! But here in Yorkshire if you’re coming in and letting a big old draft in behind you, you’ll be told in no uncertain terms to “put wood in’t ole”.

Think on

Think on’s an easy one – it just means ‘remember’.

“Think on, think on, the 5th November…” OK, we wouldn’t really say that, but did you know Guy Fawkes came from God’s Own Country Yorkshire? So you’ve got us to thank for bonfire night.

You’re welcome.

In a bit/tara

If you’re just nipping out to Betty’s Tea Room across the road for a delicious cake, it’s “in a bit!”. But the perfect way to round off your stay at The Yorkshire, is with a friendly farewell “tara”.