Our commitment to the environment and those around us

The Yorkshire Hotel strives to be a responsible business in the community and reduce its impact on the environment 


Since purchasing the hotel two years ago the team have worked hard to improve accessibility with the installation of two new lifts creating easier access to the bedrooms and the restaurant for all guests, especially those requiring wheelchair assistance. All walkways have been opened up to allow for more room and accessibility throughout the property.

The restaurant layout has been opened up to allow more space at the entrance for wheelchairs and assisted mobility. The ramp in the restaurant has been made more accessible with the open layout making it easier to see and use.

The health and safety operations and policies have been significantly improved since the HRH group took over two years ago with the needs of those requiring assistance at the forefront of the changes. An evac chair has been purchased and installed to assist those in wheelchairs evacuate in case of emergencies.

All staff have also been trained on the fire regulation changes and assisting guests with additional needs.


The team are working hard to implement sustainability measures at the hotel and have put a number of procedures in place over the past few years.

During the refurbishments, the team installed new windows across the front of the property to reduce heat loss and reduce the energy used in the property. The improvements are an ongoing rolling programme. Low energy light bulbs have been installed with new low energy light fittings replacing the old ones. All toilets have been replaced with low flush toilets, reducing the energy and water usage in all of the property’s facilities.

In the bedrooms all of the mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and body lotion have been replaced with refillable large bottles, reducing the plastic waste by up to 80k bottles per year! The bottles are the same local Harrogate H2K products, but now in a more environmentally sustainable capacity. The hotel also went plastic straw-free, using paper straws for all drinks, and was one of the first hotels in Harrogate to do so.

All of the food sourced in the restaurant is locally sourced, where possible. The team works hard to reduce all of the food miles of the supplies. To further reduce our impact on the environment the team uses a food refuse company, Refood, to turn waste food into green energy. The kitchen team place any food waste, including that from customers plates the food waste into a separate bin which is collected by Refood and fermented to create renewable energy. Who knew your leftover pizza could be turned into energy to cook your next one!

The Yorkshire Hotel team are happy to support local charities and during the past two years have helped to fundraise and donate to many charities. The team worked with the Sir Robert Odgen McMillan Centre to fundraise £30k for the centre with an annual ball. The team continues to work with the charity and offer free meals in the restaurant for families with low income who are facing a terminal illness. Other local charity support includes providing free facilities for the Harrogate Parkinsons UK Open Days, fundraising for Harrogate Hospital and many raffle prizes for various local charities.

We are always happy to hear of more ways in which we can improve our sustainability. If you have any ideas get in touch!